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Season 2

Watch Season 2 of the comedy web series The Digressions. They're adults. Almost.

Season 2 would not be possible without the generous support of our Kickstarter backers:

Roger & Terrill Dahl, Howard Wyckoff, Andy & Vanessa McArthur, Jordine Von Wantoch, Gretchen Corbett, Paul Hallinan, Kevin Jones, Nisha Sahay Mendelsohn, Ryan Olf, Michael Page, Mark & Connie Saverino, George Bewley, Anthony Bramante, Michelle Eaton, Meraiah Foley, Jill S. Gabbe, Jennifer Garvey-Blackwell, Patricia Henricks, Richard Kramer, Amritz Lay, Cindy Manning, Darrell Stokes, Neelesh Tiruviluamala, Jeff Zinn, Veronica Bainbridge, Sarah Botsch-McGuinn, Tommy Dickie, Christian Durso, Jim Gresham, Sara Hennessy, Annie LeVasseur, Matt Mair Lowery, Donald Mackay, Candice Manning, Dick Morrill, Mark A. Petersen, Debbie Phinney, Brian James Polak, Jay Smith, Dan Van Grol, Briana Vogen, Alison Weisgall, Deidre Works, Tom Works, Sarah Dion, Russell Daniels, Trent Fucci, Sloan Grenz, Sharone Halevy, Dennis Hruska, Sarah Hughes, Katy Keating, Kimberly Lee, Chas LiBretto, Amy McArthur, Sean McGrath, Giverny Petitmermet, Karen Schultz, Casey Shaeffer, Lisa Szolovits, Michele Tauber, Natalie Vachon, Sonia Villani, Jon Weinberg, Rachel Whitaker