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We need help

Jordan McArthur


Ok, funny guy. Besides the obvious fact that we all need major amounts of therapy — that should be obvious by now — we need your help to make the third and final season of The Digressions. We've come a-calling one more time so that we can deliver to you The Digressions in its entirety — the way it was always envisioned. With CGI dinosaurs and starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. Well we checked with Jenny Love (she loves it when we call her that) and she's unavailable. And apparently Steven Spielberg has some sort of Hollywood-hiatus on digital dinosaurs for the next two years thanks to the new Jurassic Park movie.

Regardless, we do have many exciting things planned for Season 3. So we're asking you — our loyal friends and fans — to pitch in one more time and bring this puppy to a close. Thanks to the money we raised last year, we were able to raise the bar and exceed even our own expectations for quality and scope. Now we want to keep that bar high and send off Preston, Spencer, Michelle and Theo in style.

If you're not able to chip in a few bucks, you can still help Season 3 fly by spreading the word! Share our campaign on Facebook and Twitter and tell the world what we all know to be true — America deserves a proper Digressions ending! Visit our Indiegogo campaign here.

Help us make Season 3!

The Engagement Party

Jordan McArthur


When was the last time you had to suck it up and say you were sorry? Like an honest-to-God big kid sorry where you knew you had done something completely wrong, took two weeks to gather the strength, and actually followed through with groveling for forgiveness? Saying "I'm sorry" is easy, but we're willing to bet that actual apologies are harder to come by than we would all like to admit. Well, nothing says "I'm sorry" like throwing a party, and Spencer, Preston, Theo, Michelle and Kenley have a lot of "I'm sorry"ing to do. You may remember Spencer's lust for making Preston pay for his reaction to Bella, Theo's insistence on entertaining his very odd feelings for Kenley, and Michelle's late-night lapse in judgement with Preston, which still has yet to be resolved.

But at the end of the day, Spencer has gone off and decided to hitch himself to another person for eternity and it must be dealt with as gracefully as possible. Nothing that a civilized engagement party and a few surprise guests can't achieve. Can you feel it in the air? It seems like the gang is really gonna get it together this time and smooth things out once and for all.

Oh wait. That was just the fart cloud from the guy next to you on the train. Nevermind! It's the Season 2 Finale: Episode 12 - The Engagement Party!


A huge shout out to Team Biscuit Films on this one. We wouldn't have been able to make this episode without you guys.We sure hope you have enjoyed the exploits of these quirky friends this season. If so, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter because you haven't heard the last from The Digressions.

The Bella Maneuver

Jordan McArthur


Penance isn't easy. If it were, it would be meaningless. If it were so simple to repent from your transgressions we'd all go around committing heinous acts without any thought of consequence. Admit it. You'd be the first one to take a shit at the entrance to the Fox News headquarters on 6th Avenue. Never mind. Not actually a heinous act that anyone would need to apologize for.

Something that may warrant some penance, however, would be...say...telling your best friend, to his face, that conversing with a corpse is more preferable than talking with his fiancee. And then attempting to choke him. Needless, to say Preston has a little more work to do if he wants to keep his friendship with Spencer.

Tonight we join Preston well into that journey. You may remember that he promised Spencer he would have coffee with Bella in order to get to know her better. Well, he's done it and he's ready to report back his findings. The only catch is, Michelle might not be ready to hear what he has to say. It's Episode 11 - The Bella Maneuver.


Be sure to join us next week for the exciting finale of Season 2! We have doubled the length, doubled the cast, and now doubled any sort of reasonable expectations you had. It's a special one - and we can guarantee you that, when it's all said and done, the group will never be the same.

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The Subway Marriage

Jordan McArthur


Life rarely just gives us the things that we want. Especially in the way in which we expect them to be delivered. No one knows this better than Theo, and no one has spent a greater amount of time developing a life philosophy to deal with this fact more than Kenley. And although it appears as if there could be no two people more unalike, they always seem to gravitate towards one another. A while ago, the gravitational pull became a little too much and they ended up colliding. It was decided then and there that the two should probably give each other a little distance and regroup sometime between three weeks and never.

This week the friends try to make some sense of the whole thing, and Theo reveals that under that bundle of nerves and neuroses - them waters run deep. Watch Episode 10 - The Subway Marriage.


Only two more episodes to go this season! Be sure not to miss out on our exciting penultimate episode and super-sized finale coming soon. Get all your immediate Digressions updates by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter!


Jordan McArthur


The fraternal bond between men can be intense as it is sacred. This week Spencer, Preston and Theo join to celebrate their friendship in an age-old ceremony known as Bromecoming. There will be rituals. There will be a king. And there will be drinking. There's something different about this year's Bromecoming, however. It's hard to ignore the fact that it may be Spencer's last before he's lost forever to marriage. How will the group handle the end of Spencer's bachelordom? Is Spencer ready to make the leap? The world is changing and we all could use a little Episode 9 - Bromecoming.


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Jordan McArthur


There comes that moment in the decision-making process where you are pretty sure you've gone over every possible scenario. You've thought through the possible consequences and decided that the risk is worth it. You've done the adult thing and put an end to any indecision, marching confidently in the direction of your future.

And then you have a few days to reconsider. And the weight of the fact that whatever you've decided will change the course of your life forever comes to bear on your tiny little head and the only thing you can do is stay in your bed and continually refresh your Facebook newsfeed until divine intervention makes the decision for you.

It doesn't have to be that way, you know? You always have your friends to lend a helping hand. Asking advice from your besties can take some of the pressure off yourself and open up new perspectives you may not have considered previously. Isn't that what friends are for, after all?

Well, Spencer has already made his life-altering decision. He's asked Bella to marry him. And despite some rather vocal objections from his friends, he's moving on, full steam ahead. And he feels pretty good about it. That is, until Kenley gets her hands on the situation. Watch how in a matter of minutes she's able to tear apart all the careful time and consideration Spencer has put into his life in one fell swoop. It's a rare and beautiful Kenley-Spencer pairing: Episode 8 - Stickies.


Pretty much everything you do after graduating college sucks. So why not make the best of it and let The Digressions put some joy into your life? We're a literal joy-dispensing machine and you can never miss a beat on our Facebook page or Twitter feed. Likes and retweets are shown to up your joy meter a full 3%*!

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Jordan McArthur

Getting a new apartment in the city can be the worst. Good luck navigating your way through the shady, underground crime network of brokers and faceless building owners who have unwritten criteria for why you may or may not be qualified to live in their building. All this, even after you've signed a contract binding you to pay three times the rent and your first born upon approval. If that weren't enough, what happens when they want references? I mean, what, you want to talk to my boss about what percentage of my day I spend on Twitter? Aside from the material complications of moving - what about its mental implications? Where you live, especially in New York, can say a lot about who you are and how you identify yourself. And considering how hard it can be to even travel between neighborhoods (God forbid, boroughs) it can say a lot about with whom you identify. Many a friendship has gone the way of the W train when stretched the unfathomable distance between Brooklyn and Queens.

Roll all that into one, and moving can quite a stressful experience. Michelle says she needs a change, and a change of scenery seems like a good place to start. See what happens when she drops that bomb on Preston in Episode 7 - References.


The Digressions is like a good secret. It only gets better when you tell someone else! We give you permission to tell our secret wherever you wish - even Facebook and Twitter. And be sure to  tune in each week. We've got quite a few tricks up our sleeve for the rest of the season. Next week alone will take us to never-before-seen Digressions territory. You won't miss a second if you sign up for our weekly email or subscribe on YouTube.

The Kevin Intervention

Jordan McArthur


How many of us have had a relationship that lasted a bit too long? How many of us have had a relationship that lasted seriously way longer than it ever should have? What was your reason? People can give us comfort. And routine certainly does. Mix people with routine and you can have the makings of a long, drawn out relationship completely past its prime with no future. Michelle's had quite a bit of time to stew on the future of her relationship. Last season she worried that Kevin was too nice, that they didn't fight well, and that it's a little odd when he serenades her on the mandolin after sex. But there comes a point in every relationship when you must put up or shut up, and Kenley has decided that today is that day. Watch what happens when Michelle is forced to to face her problem. Quite literally. Kenley may not live through Episode 6 - The Kevin Intervention.


No one likes when this happens to them - but everyone loves to watch a good train wreck! Be sure you don't miss any of our weekly train wrecks. You can get them delivered straight to your inbox by signing up for our mailing list. Or like us on Facebook and follow our Twitter. It's like your own personal Digressions alert service!


Jordan McArthur


Ah - exercise! It can really be a bitch, can't it? But if we're able to take that first step, do that first pull-up, that first lunge - it all seems to tumble forward and we feel better because of it. It can clear your mind, help you to sleep better and even increase your life span! It's no wonder that we often pair our "resolution" to exercise with the optimism of the new year. If we can just get in shape - anything is possible. Perhaps that's what Spencer and Theo thought as they planned a little workout in the park. After all, it had been an awkward year. There was the Bella situation and the Kenley situation, and neither had been discussed between the two. Today the two friends opt for some recreation and revelation to try to patch up any lingering weirdness between them. But, with Theo, can there truly ever be a lack of weirdness? Find out in Episode 5 - Blasted.


How was your holiday season? Did you ever find out if the jeweler could melt down those five golden rings and just make one big ring? Who wears five rings? Kind of an insensitive and gaudy present, if you ask us. Regardless, we're back from our two week hiatus and ready to bring you uninterrupted Digressions bliss straight through to our season finale in February. Tune each week for increasing amounts of hilarity. And take a hot second to check out our Facebook and Twitter. If you're living anywhere other than the South Pole right now, you could use a hot second.

Getting Around



When I first moved to New York City, I would carry out the same daily ritual each morning. I would sit in my freezing rented bedroom (I hadn't figured out the intricacies of steam heat yet) huddled over my computer and plug in every single address I planned to visit that day, in the order I planned to visit them, into Google Maps. Then I would write down directions to each stop on a Post-it note, fold it once, put it in my pocket and bundle up to face the scary city. It was winter. Did you catch that part? It also dumped an average of 24 inches of snow every other day. It wasn't easy to feel at home in a place that seemed to be going out of its way to make me feel as uncomfortable as possible. But I continued to follow my little procedure and eventually I stopped needing to carry a Post-it note. Not long after that I stopped needing to look at Google Maps. It was liberating to feel like I had conquered the beast and could travel anywhere on a whim. A success story for someone who has never had a reliable sense of direction.

In this week's episode, Getting Around, Kenley hasn't quite gotten to that point. She's taken the "my phone will tell me" approach - which doesn't sit too well with older sister Michelle. Phones, after all, run out of batteries or - heaven forbid - get stolen. And then what? Hint: the answer is not "ask a station agent."

Watch Kenley's hilarious lack of knowledge regarding her own surroundings, as well as Michelle's older sibling instinct kick into gear, in Episode 4 - Getting Around.


Hey, it's the holidays - and we just want to take a minute to thank you for all your support over the past year with Seasons 1 and 2 of The Digressions. Our generous fans who made Season 2 possible via our Kickstarter campaign really knocked our socks off, and we're grateful to have the chance to bring you more Digressions. We're only a third of the way through Season 2 and we have some major fun for you ahead in the coming weeks. But holidays are not so much about wasting countless hours on YouTube, so we'll be taking a two week hiatus from new episode releases and catch you in the new year. Look for Episode 5 to debut on January 7.

Happy Holidays to you and yours! May you survive any conversations with your extended family about "what you do for a living."

Yours truly,

Jordan McArthur and The Digressions Crew


Sex Lemur

Jordan McArthur


What would cause you to suck up your pride and admit to having made a mistake? It takes a lot of personal strength (and a bit of gourmet crow) to say you were wrong and apologize. Of course, when you're choking your best friend all because he's marrying a woman you don't approve of - you'd think it might be a little obvious it's time to take a step back and look at your life.

You'd think.

Preston and Spencer weren't quite ready to face each other again after that fateful dinner party, but thanks to some ingenuity on behalf of their friends Michelle and Theo, here they are. Face to face. Will face to face turn into mano a mano? Or will the two way-back-besties be able to come to an agreement? Nothing's as easy as it seems. And that's certainly true in Episode 3 - Sex Lemur.

Episode 3 - Sex Lemur

Episode3This week Preston and Spencer talk about their embarrassing early-college versions of themselves. Remember yours? You should also remember that he/she is still documented on your Facebook profile. Scroll back through your pictures long enough - you'll find it. While you're there, take a minute to like our Facebook page. Then hop on over to Twitter and give us a follow. We promise we'll never judge your freshman shenanigans.

An Intrigue of Sorts

Jordan McArthur


Have you ever begun to think of your job as a career? Scary, huh? It's funny how those two things often don't line up together. After all, The New York Times says we're more interested in "happiness" and "meaning" than more traditional measures of success like "money" and "job security," so it must be true. But what do you do when seemingly good things in your life start to make you feel trapped? How do you strike a balance between moving forward to gain a little security and still keeping your hopes, dreams and freedom alive?

Answer: distract yourself by watching the newest episode of your favorite web series.

Today, Theo and Michelle grapple with some security vs. freedom decisions and do what any self-respecting young adult would do...avoid it all together by meddling in other people's lives.

You're sure to find some truth in Episode 2 - An Intrigue of Sorts.

Episode 2 - An Intrigue of Sorts


Speaking of distractions and avoiding responsibility - why not take a moment to follow our Facebook and Twitter? The next time you're faced with a complicated life decision, you'll know exactly what to do. Pull us up on either one and scroll back through the countless treasures contained within. It should eat up a good forty minutes. Just enough to forget your troubles and slide into a sublime social media coma. Ah. Millennial bliss.

Fool Me Thrice



Hi everybody,

Andrew here.

It’s taking everything in my power not to drop a tepid Poltergeist reference on you but I’ve never been big on cliches, so I will restrain myself and say:

We’re back.

Ok, that sounds bored.

We’re back?!

Nope, now I sound surprised and confused.

We’re back!


We’re BACK!

Sorry, spit on you a little there, didn’t I?

Anyway, we’reback” and we’re ready to drop a whole new season on you. When we last left the gang, Preston had his hands around Spencer’s throat because Spencer had decided to propose to his girlfriend, Bella, who the rest of the group agreed was at best pretty rough and at worst...reeeaaallly rough. Theo and Kenley had agreed to not talk to each other for a period of time somewhere in between three weeks and forever, and Michelle was grappling with a too-nice boyfriend whom all of her friends were (creepily) in love with.

Oh, by the way, if you’re new to our little operation here and none of that makes any sense, why not do yourself a favor and go binge-watch Season 1 right now? You can knock it out in about an hour, in between staring at your phone too much and grappling with

Things got a little complicated there for the gang at the end of Season 1, and Season 2 picks up with them trying to make sense of an - if not shattered - damaged friend group. It’s tough growing up, don’t you think? No? It’s just me? Ah. Well, I certainly find the work/relationship/friendship balance to be tougher and tougher to maintain as I get older. I remember the simple days of my youth when it was just friendship/friendship/friendship. Not that work and relationships aren’t great. Of course they are. They’re just...complicated.

And that, in addition to many other things (witty banter, sexual tension, penis jokes) is what Season 2 (and life!) is all about.

Thanks to some incredibly generous Kickstarter donors, we’ve been able to up our game in nearly every possible way. We’ve improved on the quality of both our sound and picture and have therefore been a bit more ambitious with what we present to you in each episode. You’ll still get everything you already love about The Digressions, with a little more on top. I think you’ll love it.

So, prepare yourselves, because…


Episode 1 - Fool Me Thrice


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A Trailer And A Party

Jordan McArthur


It's time for a new season of The Digressions and we want you to come celebrate with us. We know - independent projects can be tiring. In any given week, you've hiked New York City to attend your friend's Off Off Off Broadway, avant garde, one man re-telling of The Trojan Women, donated the bare minimum to 3 different Kickstarter campaigns and started your own personal wellness blog - but this one includes super cheap drinks ($3 & $4!) and you can try before you buy by watching our trailer below.

Really, we'd just love for you to make your way down to the East Village and have a good laugh at the first three episodes of the second season of The Digressions and hang out with you for a bit. We've missed you.

Here's the info:


Monday, November 18

9:00 PM

Professor Thom's 219 2nd Ave (between 13th & 14th) New York, NY 10003


When last we left the gang, things were not so great between the friends - and this season will certainly test them farther. The only question at this point is, will all this testing bring them together or send them running in opposite directions? There's no telling, except for one thing: all of it will cause Theo night terrors. Take a look at what's in store for The Digressions Season 2.

Season 2 Trailer

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Stay tuned! Episode 1 will find its way to the web November 26!

We're (almost) back.

Jordan McArthur


Today we're going to show you a little metaphorical ankle. But it's oh so metaphorically sexy. About eight months ago, Season 1 of The Digressions premiered. We met Preston, Michelle, Theo, Kenley and Spencer. They talked about their favorite bands, their relationships and the minutiae of their lives. It was pleasant, really. But Spencer had to go and ruin it all. He got engaged. And worse than that, he got engaged to someone that no one approves of.

This season on The Digressions the group will have to struggle to stay together as they struggle to hold on to simpler times. And, no, we don't mean the Simpler Times they sell at Trader Joe's. Unless we're talking about Preston.

Take a look at the Season 2 teaser trailer. It's sure to get you hungry for the sweet, sweet taste of The Digressions.

The Digressions Season 2 Teaser Trailer

Stay tuned for a full trailer later this month and the exciting premiere in November! All the details will be here and on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

The suspense is palpable. And slightly arousing.

The Showdown

Jordan McArthur


Thirteen weeks ago we were introduced to Preston, Michelle, Theo, Spencer and Kenley. They're not particularly special people - although they're special to each other - and they have a hard time expressing some of the more difficult subjects they deal with as almost-adults. They're pretty bad at it, actually. But who isn't? If everyone said exactly what they wanted to say, exactly how they wanted to say it at every moment - how boring would the world be? Where would we be without our miscommunications, misunderstandings, and rambling side stories that do nothing to drive home a point? These are the things that make life interesting. Even when you think your life is the least interesting, it can be spiced up pretty quickly with a good digression.

Today the crew all comes together for a very special purpose. Spencer finally wants to share his girlfriend, Bella, with the group. But does the group want to share Spencer with Bella? And what happens when you stop digressing and just decide to say exactly what you're thinking? Well...just ask Preston...

We can't thank you enough for watching The Digressions' first season. We've had so much fun sharing with you and are pleased to assure you that this is only the beginning of our time with Preston, Michelle, Theo, Spencer and Kenley.  Stay tuned for upcoming news about the future of The Digressions. In the meantime, this doesn't excuse the fact that you are not - at this moment - liking our shit on Facebook, tweeting our shit to the world, and subscribing to and liking our shit on YouTube. Get on that, will ya?

And now, Episode 15 - The Showdown

The Showdown

Death and Makeouts

Jordan McArthur

death and makeouts

People love to use the phrase "answers to some of life's biggest questions." What the hell does that mean? What are those questions anyway? And if they're some of life's biggest questions, it pretty much goes without saying that they have no answer, right? But we need some sort of comfort.  Some sort of answer. Otherwise we wouldn't be capable of getting out of bed in the morning. People find the answers in many different ways. And Theo's answers seem to be exclusively pessimistic. But that's what he has Kenley around for. To be the polar opposite. To balance out the equation. And sometimes...just sometimes...opposites attract...

Folks - let's get serious here. If you like The Digressions it's meaningless until you have announced it by liking us on Facebook. We wanna be "in a relationship" with you so that the world can see. What's the matter? You don't like us enough? Are we nothing to you? That's not what you said last night! You could at least subscribe to our YouTube channel. Or maybe just one little tweet?

You're going to love this episode. It is beautiful. And oddly satisfying.

We give you Episode 14 - Death and Makeouts

death and makeouts

The Fight

Jordan McArthur


"I'm a lover, not a fighter."

That's just another way of saying, "I'm a coward," right?  We're long past the time when people had to settle their disputes by bonking each other on the head with rocks (hey, isn't this why sarcasm and withering comments were created?) and yet getting into a fight still seems to be a rite of passage for most men.  Well, Preston is keenly aware of his shortcomings in this regard and is looking to prove himself.  In this episode, we separate the men from the boys (and Preston and Theo from their dignity).

Enjoy Episode 13 - The Fight!


The List

Jordan McArthur

the list

Take stock of your life for just a second. How's it going? Achieving your goals can feel good, but setting your goals can feel...painful. Like, how are we supposed to figure out our purpose in this life and break it down into tiny little hoops that we jump through to ultimately gain supreme happiness and fulfillment??? That's a lot of pressure. Goals are terrifying...

But then what's the other side like? Aimlessly wandering through the world allowing life to happen to you one episode at a time, half-heartedly hoping you'll make a meaningful connection with another human being - maybe share a few laughs? Sounds like Season 1 of The Digressions!

This week Kenley does what she does best. Give advice. And Preston does what he does best. Dash hopes and dreams.

We're having a blast sharing The Digressions with you and hope you feel the same. If you do, take a second to share your favorite episode on Facebook, tweet about it, or subscribe to our YouTube channel! We're at 98 subscribers. We can make it at least 100 today!

Now enjoy Episode 12 - The List!

the list


Jordan McArthur


What happens when your friend does something that doesn't quite fit into your idea of who they are? It kind of throws things out of whack, right? Here's one better. What happens when you've known that person for a long time and you realize...that's not even the same person I became friends with all those years ago?

Do we ever only know ourselves in this world? Are we doomed to live alone, merely brushing elbows with strangers from day to day? Should we all just give up, stay inside and watch House Hunters all day?

Well of course not, but all those things probably ran through Theo's head when Kenley made some interesting confessions to him on this balmy night in New York City. Everyone needs to have their impressions of their friends shaken up once and a while. It keeps things fresh and makes you appreciate them even more.

Check out the episode to see if Theo agrees. Something tells us his conclusion won't come without a bit of freak out.

Hey - did you know that there are only 5 episodes left of The Digressions in Season 1? If you're reading this post you're probably one of our more loyal followers and we want to thank you for coming back week to week! We'd love for you to help us spread The Digressions around. Even just liking or commenting on one of our episodes can help us reach a whole bunch of people who might have never found us otherwise!

Now enjoy Episode 11 - Cheaters: