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We need help


The Digressions announcements, extra content and musings.

We need help

Jordan McArthur


Ok, funny guy. Besides the obvious fact that we all need major amounts of therapy — that should be obvious by now — we need your help to make the third and final season of The Digressions. We've come a-calling one more time so that we can deliver to you The Digressions in its entirety — the way it was always envisioned. With CGI dinosaurs and starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. Well we checked with Jenny Love (she loves it when we call her that) and she's unavailable. And apparently Steven Spielberg has some sort of Hollywood-hiatus on digital dinosaurs for the next two years thanks to the new Jurassic Park movie.

Regardless, we do have many exciting things planned for Season 3. So we're asking you — our loyal friends and fans — to pitch in one more time and bring this puppy to a close. Thanks to the money we raised last year, we were able to raise the bar and exceed even our own expectations for quality and scope. Now we want to keep that bar high and send off Preston, Spencer, Michelle and Theo in style.

If you're not able to chip in a few bucks, you can still help Season 3 fly by spreading the word! Share our campaign on Facebook and Twitter and tell the world what we all know to be true — America deserves a proper Digressions ending! Visit our Indiegogo campaign here.

Help us make Season 3!