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The Digressions announcements, extra content and musings.

The Digressions Interviewed by Limited Release

Jordan McArthur

About a year ago we contacted on of our favorite webseries-focused podcasts to see if they'd be interested in hosting us for a special type of bonus episode. But unlike their standard "bonusodes," we proposed a Digressions-esque twist: a bonersode. Well the wait is over, friends. We got it. Our very own Limited Release Bonersode. Listen with delight as host Nick Montogmery talks with co-creator Jordan McArthur (Spencer) about how the group came to be and how we were forced to figure out filmmaking on the fly. It's a great inside look at how The Digressions made two season back-to-back, and some of the steps we took to ensure we were always pushing themselves forward. It's a must-listen for anyone interested in indie web production.

You haven't heard the last of The Digressions on Limited Release! Subscribe to them on iTunes and listen for future Digressions features. In the meantime, enjoy countless other review and conversations with like-minded web content creators on their website.

Listen here: [audio|titles=Digressions-Limited Released|animation=no]