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The Subway Marriage


The Digressions announcements, extra content and musings.

The Subway Marriage

Jordan McArthur


Life rarely just gives us the things that we want. Especially in the way in which we expect them to be delivered. No one knows this better than Theo, and no one has spent a greater amount of time developing a life philosophy to deal with this fact more than Kenley. And although it appears as if there could be no two people more unalike, they always seem to gravitate towards one another. A while ago, the gravitational pull became a little too much and they ended up colliding. It was decided then and there that the two should probably give each other a little distance and regroup sometime between three weeks and never.

This week the friends try to make some sense of the whole thing, and Theo reveals that under that bundle of nerves and neuroses - them waters run deep. Watch Episode 10 - The Subway Marriage.


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