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The Digressions announcements, extra content and musings.


Jordan McArthur


There comes that moment in the decision-making process where you are pretty sure you've gone over every possible scenario. You've thought through the possible consequences and decided that the risk is worth it. You've done the adult thing and put an end to any indecision, marching confidently in the direction of your future.

And then you have a few days to reconsider. And the weight of the fact that whatever you've decided will change the course of your life forever comes to bear on your tiny little head and the only thing you can do is stay in your bed and continually refresh your Facebook newsfeed until divine intervention makes the decision for you.

It doesn't have to be that way, you know? You always have your friends to lend a helping hand. Asking advice from your besties can take some of the pressure off yourself and open up new perspectives you may not have considered previously. Isn't that what friends are for, after all?

Well, Spencer has already made his life-altering decision. He's asked Bella to marry him. And despite some rather vocal objections from his friends, he's moving on, full steam ahead. And he feels pretty good about it. That is, until Kenley gets her hands on the situation. Watch how in a matter of minutes she's able to tear apart all the careful time and consideration Spencer has put into his life in one fell swoop. It's a rare and beautiful Kenley-Spencer pairing: Episode 8 - Stickies.


Pretty much everything you do after graduating college sucks. So why not make the best of it and let The Digressions put some joy into your life? We're a literal joy-dispensing machine and you can never miss a beat on our Facebook page or Twitter feed. Likes and retweets are shown to up your joy meter a full 3%*!

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