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Jordan McArthur

Getting a new apartment in the city can be the worst. Good luck navigating your way through the shady, underground crime network of brokers and faceless building owners who have unwritten criteria for why you may or may not be qualified to live in their building. All this, even after you've signed a contract binding you to pay three times the rent and your first born upon approval. If that weren't enough, what happens when they want references? I mean, what, you want to talk to my boss about what percentage of my day I spend on Twitter? Aside from the material complications of moving - what about its mental implications? Where you live, especially in New York, can say a lot about who you are and how you identify yourself. And considering how hard it can be to even travel between neighborhoods (God forbid, boroughs) it can say a lot about with whom you identify. Many a friendship has gone the way of the W train when stretched the unfathomable distance between Brooklyn and Queens.

Roll all that into one, and moving can quite a stressful experience. Michelle says she needs a change, and a change of scenery seems like a good place to start. See what happens when she drops that bomb on Preston in Episode 7 - References.


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