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The Kevin Intervention


The Digressions announcements, extra content and musings.

The Kevin Intervention

Jordan McArthur


How many of us have had a relationship that lasted a bit too long? How many of us have had a relationship that lasted seriously way longer than it ever should have? What was your reason? People can give us comfort. And routine certainly does. Mix people with routine and you can have the makings of a long, drawn out relationship completely past its prime with no future. Michelle's had quite a bit of time to stew on the future of her relationship. Last season she worried that Kevin was too nice, that they didn't fight well, and that it's a little odd when he serenades her on the mandolin after sex. But there comes a point in every relationship when you must put up or shut up, and Kenley has decided that today is that day. Watch what happens when Michelle is forced to to face her problem. Quite literally. Kenley may not live through Episode 6 - The Kevin Intervention.


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