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The Digressions announcements, extra content and musings.


Jordan McArthur


Ah - exercise! It can really be a bitch, can't it? But if we're able to take that first step, do that first pull-up, that first lunge - it all seems to tumble forward and we feel better because of it. It can clear your mind, help you to sleep better and even increase your life span! It's no wonder that we often pair our "resolution" to exercise with the optimism of the new year. If we can just get in shape - anything is possible. Perhaps that's what Spencer and Theo thought as they planned a little workout in the park. After all, it had been an awkward year. There was the Bella situation and the Kenley situation, and neither had been discussed between the two. Today the two friends opt for some recreation and revelation to try to patch up any lingering weirdness between them. But, with Theo, can there truly ever be a lack of weirdness? Find out in Episode 5 - Blasted.


How was your holiday season? Did you ever find out if the jeweler could melt down those five golden rings and just make one big ring? Who wears five rings? Kind of an insensitive and gaudy present, if you ask us. Regardless, we're back from our two week hiatus and ready to bring you uninterrupted Digressions bliss straight through to our season finale in February. Tune each week for increasing amounts of hilarity. And take a hot second to check out our Facebook and Twitter. If you're living anywhere other than the South Pole right now, you could use a hot second.