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A Trailer And A Party


The Digressions announcements, extra content and musings.

A Trailer And A Party

Jordan McArthur


It's time for a new season of The Digressions and we want you to come celebrate with us. We know - independent projects can be tiring. In any given week, you've hiked New York City to attend your friend's Off Off Off Broadway, avant garde, one man re-telling of The Trojan Women, donated the bare minimum to 3 different Kickstarter campaigns and started your own personal wellness blog - but this one includes super cheap drinks ($3 & $4!) and you can try before you buy by watching our trailer below.

Really, we'd just love for you to make your way down to the East Village and have a good laugh at the first three episodes of the second season of The Digressions and hang out with you for a bit. We've missed you.

Here's the info:


Monday, November 18

9:00 PM

Professor Thom's 219 2nd Ave (between 13th & 14th) New York, NY 10003


When last we left the gang, things were not so great between the friends - and this season will certainly test them farther. The only question at this point is, will all this testing bring them together or send them running in opposite directions? There's no telling, except for one thing: all of it will cause Theo night terrors. Take a look at what's in store for The Digressions Season 2.

Season 2 Trailer

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Stay tuned! Episode 1 will find its way to the web November 26!