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The Showdown


The Digressions announcements, extra content and musings.

The Showdown

Jordan McArthur


Thirteen weeks ago we were introduced to Preston, Michelle, Theo, Spencer and Kenley. They're not particularly special people - although they're special to each other - and they have a hard time expressing some of the more difficult subjects they deal with as almost-adults. They're pretty bad at it, actually. But who isn't? If everyone said exactly what they wanted to say, exactly how they wanted to say it at every moment - how boring would the world be? Where would we be without our miscommunications, misunderstandings, and rambling side stories that do nothing to drive home a point? These are the things that make life interesting. Even when you think your life is the least interesting, it can be spiced up pretty quickly with a good digression.

Today the crew all comes together for a very special purpose. Spencer finally wants to share his girlfriend, Bella, with the group. But does the group want to share Spencer with Bella? And what happens when you stop digressing and just decide to say exactly what you're thinking? Well...just ask Preston...

We can't thank you enough for watching The Digressions' first season. We've had so much fun sharing with you and are pleased to assure you that this is only the beginning of our time with Preston, Michelle, Theo, Spencer and Kenley.  Stay tuned for upcoming news about the future of The Digressions. In the meantime, this doesn't excuse the fact that you are not - at this moment - liking our shit on Facebook, tweeting our shit to the world, and subscribing to and liking our shit on YouTube. Get on that, will ya?

And now, Episode 15 - The Showdown

The Showdown