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Death and Makeouts


The Digressions announcements, extra content and musings.

Death and Makeouts

Jordan McArthur

death and makeouts

People love to use the phrase "answers to some of life's biggest questions." What the hell does that mean? What are those questions anyway? And if they're some of life's biggest questions, it pretty much goes without saying that they have no answer, right? But we need some sort of comfort.  Some sort of answer. Otherwise we wouldn't be capable of getting out of bed in the morning. People find the answers in many different ways. And Theo's answers seem to be exclusively pessimistic. But that's what he has Kenley around for. To be the polar opposite. To balance out the equation. And sometimes...just sometimes...opposites attract...

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You're going to love this episode. It is beautiful. And oddly satisfying.

We give you Episode 14 - Death and Makeouts

death and makeouts