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The List


The Digressions announcements, extra content and musings.

The List

Jordan McArthur

the list

Take stock of your life for just a second. How's it going? Achieving your goals can feel good, but setting your goals can feel...painful. Like, how are we supposed to figure out our purpose in this life and break it down into tiny little hoops that we jump through to ultimately gain supreme happiness and fulfillment??? That's a lot of pressure. Goals are terrifying...

But then what's the other side like? Aimlessly wandering through the world allowing life to happen to you one episode at a time, half-heartedly hoping you'll make a meaningful connection with another human being - maybe share a few laughs? Sounds like Season 1 of The Digressions!

This week Kenley does what she does best. Give advice. And Preston does what he does best. Dash hopes and dreams.

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Now enjoy Episode 12 - The List!

the list