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The Digressions announcements, extra content and musings.


Jordan McArthur


What happens when your friend does something that doesn't quite fit into your idea of who they are? It kind of throws things out of whack, right? Here's one better. What happens when you've known that person for a long time and you realize...that's not even the same person I became friends with all those years ago?

Do we ever only know ourselves in this world? Are we doomed to live alone, merely brushing elbows with strangers from day to day? Should we all just give up, stay inside and watch House Hunters all day?

Well of course not, but all those things probably ran through Theo's head when Kenley made some interesting confessions to him on this balmy night in New York City. Everyone needs to have their impressions of their friends shaken up once and a while. It keeps things fresh and makes you appreciate them even more.

Check out the episode to see if Theo agrees. Something tells us his conclusion won't come without a bit of freak out.

Hey - did you know that there are only 5 episodes left of The Digressions in Season 1? If you're reading this post you're probably one of our more loyal followers and we want to thank you for coming back week to week! We'd love for you to help us spread The Digressions around. Even just liking or commenting on one of our episodes can help us reach a whole bunch of people who might have never found us otherwise!

Now enjoy Episode 11 - Cheaters: