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The iPod Maneuver 2


The Digressions announcements, extra content and musings.

The iPod Maneuver 2

Jordan McArthur

ipod 2

Holy crap, that guy's leg, right?

Now that we got that out of the way - what's your fantasy? Not really talking rose petals and that little teddy with the slits in the bra part that you can untie. More like - what are the things in your life you engage in to just trick yourself (even if for only a moment) that things are better than they are? This is the really good stuff. Like going on vacation to Puerto Rico and pretending you're on an exclusive island in Fiji. Or buying a Groupon for a creepy massage parlor in Chinatown and pretending you're in a ritzy spa in SoHo.

We all tell little white lies to ourselves in order to deal with reality. Even when we don't even realize it. Whether it's Bella's brand of white lie or Michelle's.

This week poor Spencer can't seem to shake Bella's little private sex concert, so he turns to a female friend for help. But is Michelle really in the position to give sound relationship advice? Honestly, she's been complaining about her significant other all season. (And being totally unfair to Kevin, if you ask us. He's a GREAT guy.) Perhaps if nothing else, they'll be calmed by the tranquil rooftops of New York City at night. In a city of a million problems, isn't it nice to know you can still escape and make yours seem like the most important of all of them?

And in an internet of a million webseries, isn't ours the most important? Well then tell us so! Like this week's episode on our Youtube Channel, share it with your friends on Facebook, and tweet it to Barack Obama in hopes that he'll watch in on a smoke break. Bozie would want it that way.

Enjoy Episode 10 of The Digressions, The iPod Maneuver 2:

ipod 2