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Poor Sweet Kevin 2


The Digressions announcements, extra content and musings.

Poor Sweet Kevin 2

Jordan McArthur

Poor Sweet Kevin 2

Remember saying goodbye to your safety blanket, whatever it was? An actual blanket, a stuffed animal, college? The safety blanket was old, misshapen, and smelled like a decade of dried spit. Saying goodbye was bitter-sweet; a slow-burn of a hurt that seemed unnecessarily self-inflicted but necessary for your dignity. Kind of like a good break-up.

And that's where Michelle is today. At a crossroads. Desperate for some validation when in comes to bumping the blanket, but all she seems to encounter is an enabler at every corner. In Poor Sweet Kevin we asked ourselves, "Is there such a thing as too nice?" Today we ask ourselves "Does it really matter how anyone answered that question besides me?"

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Now put in your headphones, pretend you're listening to a voicemail archive so your boss doesn't get suspicious of why you're hunched over with earbuds in, and enjoy Episode 9 - Poor Sweet Kevin 2.

Poor Sweet Kevin 2

*Of tap water.