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Fool Me Twice


The Digressions announcements, extra content and musings.

Fool Me Twice

Jordan McArthur

Fool Me Twice

The absolute terror of knowing you're alone in this world. It's paralyzing. It probably has something to do with why Theo moves so slowly and methodically, never raising his voice above a terrified murmur. There has to be someone we can turn to in this world when there is no hope. When you know that you have met your match and there's no chance for survival. When your worst nightmare comes true.


Well we hope you have someone, but in the world of The Digressions everyone seems to be turning to Preston recently - and the results are never satisfying. Do you have that friend that is lacking empathy? Why would anyone keep that person around? Why would we open up to such a cold hearted crab?

Because if we can get that person to finally crack and show some compassion - wouldn't it mean that much more when they did? If that person felt our pain that pain would really mean something.

But it rarely works out that way. Just ask Theo. Poor guy keeps coming back for more. Lucky for us it's hilarious.

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And now, Episode 8 - Fool Me Twice:

Fool Me Twice