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Poor Sweet Kevin


The Digressions announcements, extra content and musings.

Poor Sweet Kevin

Jordan McArthur

Poor Sweet Kevin

Is there such a thing as too nice? What do you do with a person who is so supportive and innocuous that it's offensive? Teach that jerk a lesson.

Here are some standard consequences for being nice:

  • Decelerating slightly next to a merge lane to let someone merge onto a crowded highway, only to have 3 other cars nose their way in.
  • Standing up on the subway for a pregnant woman, only to have a grumpy construction worker force his way into the empty seat first.
  • Sharing your Netflix subscription with a friend, only to have them fill the queue with old episodes of Charmed.

In the newest episode of The Digressions, Michelle contemplates doling out her own brand of justice to the nice in "Poor Sweet Kevin".

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Now let's digress!

Poor Sweet Kevin