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Mad Blood


The Digressions announcements, extra content and musings.

Mad Blood

Jordan McArthur

Mad Blood

Did anyone else think that Michelle Obama presenting the best picture award at the Oscars was totally weird? Do all our public figures have to be connected to Hollywood in some way? Has the American Dream boiled down to a voyeuristic viewing of one's life 24 hours a day by millions? Has our nation become nothing more than a breeding ground for the motion picture industry? Does every single person in America have an original screenplay in their back pocket?


And today you can join Theo as he hesitantly broaches the subject of his million dollar idea with Preston. And we've copyrighted it, by the way. So don't get any big ideas.

Speaking of attention-whoring and screenplay writing - did we mention we have 4 other episodes? You can watch them on our Episodes page or check out our YouTube channel (subscribe while you're there!). Every week more people are discovering The Digressions. So if you're new, welcome! Get on the horn and share that crap! Tweet it to yo mama. And if you're one of our loyal followers, we owe you a big fatty. Creative interpretations encouraged.

Now here's Episode 5 - Mad Blood.

Mad Blood